4 tips how to discuss tactics and moves in a shooting esport

4 min readJan 27, 2023


CS:GO, Valorant and Overwatch require quick reflexes, precise aim, and a thorough understanding of the game. However, effective communication is another critical aspect of winning in these esports. It is critical for success to be able to discuss tactics and moves with your teammates in real time. In this blog post, we’ll go over 4 tips for effectively discussing tactics and moves in a shooting esport.

Tip #1: Actively listen and ask questions

Active listening is a critical component of effective communication. This entails paying attention to what your teammates are saying and clarifying any misunderstandings. In order to understand your teammates’ perspectives and improve your own gameplay, you should ask questions. If your teammate says, “Let’s push A on Dust2,” and you’re not sure what he or she means, ask, “What’s the plan for pushing A?”.

If you learn that one of your teammates has died, ask how many emenies he saw. If you need to drop, simply ask the team, as they may be preoccupied with purchasing their own utilities and discussing upcoming round tactics.

Tip #2: Use simple and direct language

When discussing tactics and moves in a fast-paced game like shooting esports, it’s important to use simple and straightforward language. Don’t use jargon and complex terms that your teammates may not understand. Instead, use clear and concise language to effectively communicate your ideas. Instead of saying, “Let’s perform a pincer maneuver on the opposing team,” say, “Let’s surprise the opposing team by attacking from both sides.”

Always repeat any important information because your teammates may miss it in a fast-paced game. Remember, you and only you are responsible for whether or not information was heard by your teammates. Don’t forget to comment on the current bomb situation, such as “Planting default, cover me”.

Tip #3: Make use of visual aids

When discussing tactics and moves, visual aids such as screenshots or videos can be extremely useful. They enable teammates to see exactly what you’re talking about and better understand your ideas. If you’re discussing a specific location to hold on a map, for example, a screenshot can help your teammates visualize the location and understand your strategy.

Broadcast from BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, Day 8

If you need a quick nade tip, you can visit dedicated websites. Pick up a map and you can easily select the type of nade you want to use.

Screenshot from csgonades.com

If you need more complex tactics and want to use multiple scenarios and nades, you can use esport tactical management tool.

Screenshot from varcharr.gg

Tip #4: Study the pros

Learning from the pros is one of the best ways to improve your communication and teamwork. Pay attention to how professional players and teams discuss tactics and moves. For example, the CS:GO team Astralis is known for their effective communication and teamwork, and studying their strategies can teach you a lot. Natus Vincere is famous with their paperwork, used during the matches

Screenshot from cybershoke.net

Specific techniques like retake, prefire, and aim training can significantly improve your gameplay. Practice retake scenarios, for example, can help you hone your skills in retaking a bomb site. Before engaging in a firefight, you should familiarize yourself with the angles and positions of where your enemies are likely to be.

Screenshot from refrag.gg

Aim training maps can be used to practice various aim techniques such as tracking, flicking, and spray control. You can significantly improve your game performance by focusing on these specific techniques.


Winning in a shooting esport requires effective communication. You’ll be able to discuss tactics and moves with your teammates more effectively if you follow these tips and practice active listening, clear and concise language, visual aids, drilling, and learning from the pros. Remember that effective communication is an essential component of any successful team and must be mastered in order to achieve success in shooting esports.